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Commitigo offers a predictive analytics model and business automation platform for technology companies and enterprises to build and deploy artificial intelligence

About Commitigo

ESI has been spearheading the Rules Based Decision Making domain for over twenty years. Under new ownership, the company recently expanded its operations by integrating its various products into a uniform platform. The Commitigo family of products features multiple solutions and modules that cater to a wide range of industries, without compromising the efficiency and performance that the company has been known for nearly a quarter of a century. 


Our management team consists of some of the most experienced individuals in their respective fields, combining years of practical experience with vast acquired knowledge and academic skills. 

Eran Yanko - CEO

Eran has more than 20 years of experience in defining, developing and implementing Information Technology in the logistic and maintenance area as well as integrating Artificial Intelligence Systems. Eran retired in the rank of lieutenant colonel from the IAF and He holds M.Sc in Industrial Engineering & Management from Ben-Gurion University

Yeruham Richter - CTO

Yerucham has decades of experience in leading innovative technological developments and managing products that are based on ad-hoc algorithms for Expert Systems in the US and Israel. He holds a BSc in Mathematics and Physics, and an MSc degree in Physics, both from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem

Itzik Tzaig - Head of Development 

Itzik brings over a decade of experience managing and leading Expert Systems work teams. Responsible for technology-intensive IT projects. He holds a BSc in Computer Science from Tel Aviv University.

Ron Reiter - Head of Analytics

Ron has more than 20 years of experience in Data Science, having led the development of Commitigo's breakthrough technology platform for building prediction models. He holds a BA in Marketing from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and an MA from the University of Haifa, specializing in the development of paradigmatic models

Joseph Shub - Director of Workforce Management

Joseph brings over two decades of experience developing advanced technologies and products in the field of planning and optimization. He has acquired many resources and and deep know-how on implementating such projects in large scale organizations in Israel and across Europe. Joseph holds a BSc and an MSc in Physics from the University of Science in Kiev.

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