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What is Commitigo?
In a nutshell, the easiest way to enable advanced business automation and predictive analytics platform
Commitigo WFM Optiwise

Commitigo Optiwise maximizes performance and core organizational competencies by helping to maintain a more productive workforce.

•     Dramatically improves staff scheduling abilities with ongoing monitoring and analysis,

       including the following empowering modules:

•     Forecasting and Planning - For workload and required staff management

•     Employee Involvement with Scheduling

•     Shift Management and Scheduling - Based on staff availabilities and capabilities​

Before starting, it's important to clearly define the required work through engineered standards and optimal methods, performing each task as efficiently as possible. Based on the data and demand-based forecasts, workers are scheduled, tasks are assigned, performance is measured, feedback is provided, and incentives are computed and paid. Online training is provided with supervisor coaching to bring the staff to the required level of proficiency. Commitigo Optiwise is a comprehensive product designed to make your workforce as productive as it can be, reducing labor costs and improving customer service.

 Commitigo Logist for Business Automation

Commitigo Logist defines, executes, monitors and maintains various complex logical decisions generated by your operational systems. Such business rules include policies, requirements, and conditional statements used to determine the actions used in your business applications.

The following modules are included:

​​•      Repository - Allows decision logic to be externalized from core application code

•      Tools - Allows both technical developers and business experts to define

        and manage decision logic

•      Runtime Environment - Enables applications to invoke decision logic managed

within the BRMS and execute it using a business rules engine

Commitigo AlgoTrace for Predictive Analytics

Algotrace Analytics helps organizations in making the right decisions based on clear inputs, data constructs, and patterns discovered by our advanced prediction engine. Our top-notch automated prediction engine can simultaneously process hundreds of features and millions of rows without the need for human intervention, generating reliable best-of-breed results based on the classification and estimation algorithms. The preferred model is simply inserted as a script into the production environment, or fed with new data directly from the prediction engine

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