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The Art of Decision Making

Using Commitigo, organizations improve productivity by leveraging artificial intelligence to automate resource-consuming business processes. Managers from different industries can now make better, data-driven decisions to improve their overall performance.  Organizations can now easily extract insights from their data and use machine learning to automate and personalize processes. This creates more time to focus on customer needs and new business initiatives.


According to McKinsey “about 60 percent of occupations could have 30 percent or more of their constituent activities automated using current technology” Meaning, organizations can increase productivity by allowing for more available time for their employees and managers to expand their knowledge and skills while dealing with matters far more important that need constant and focused attention.

Some say this will be the future, we provide it NOW!

Commitigo Vision
Enabling Predictive Analytics


Commitigo WFM Optiwise

Maximizes performance and core organizational competencies by helping to maintain a more productive workforce

 Commitigo BRMS Logist 

Defines, executes, monitors and maintains various complex logical decisions generated by your operational systems.

Commitigo Algotrace Analytics

Helps organizations in making the right decisions based on clear inputs, data constructs and patterns discovered by our advanced prediction engine.

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